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Frisco Tree Service is an experienced, complete tree trimming, tree removal company serving the Frisco, TX area. We are the company to call whether you need tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, hedge trimming or an arborist consultation. We can handle any and all of your tree care needs. With over 20 years of experience, our arborist is knowledgeable and ready to help you with all aspects of your trees. We service both residential and commercial properties.

Our local Frisco Tree Service maintains a lower overhead to keep our costs down so that we can pass those savings on to you! We believe that all homeowners have a right to affordable tree service by a reputable company. Our services are typically 10-20% less than other tree services. Tree Service serving Frisco, Tx

From the first contact to the final cleanup, our experienced team will provide you with the safe and affordable service that you expect for your property. Don't just call anyone for your tree care.

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    - Trees in the Frisco area need to be properly pruned to help them stay healthy. Most regular trimming can be performed any time of the year. There are exceptions and we will ensure we don't trim a tree in a way that could be detrimental to the tree's health. We perform all types of tree trimming according to ANSI 300 standards so you know your trees are trimmed properly. Below are the different types of tree trimming typically performed.

    Canopy Cleaning:
    The removal of dead, dying, deceased and crossed branches and water sprouts from a tree's canopy. Canopy cleaning is the most popular of our regular maintenance tree trimming.
    Canopy Raising:
    Canopy raising allows more sunlight for your grass to grow by providing direct sunlight. This is accomplished by removing lower limbs of a tree. It also provides clearance for driveways, walkways, and houses.
    General thinning:
    General thinning is performed to allow more sunlight, more airflow for the trees health and to improve appearance.
    Specific Branch Removal:
    Specific branch removal is performed to remove branches off of houses, growing into other trees or to improve appearance.

  • TREE REMOVAL - At times there is no alternative but removal. Whether the reason is disease, an addition to your home, or simply the end of a tree's lifespan, sometimes a tree must be removed for safety, planning or aesthetic reasons. Our team will remove trees with a minimal disturbance to the surrounding landscape and structures.
    We safely remove trees over houses, fences, pools, decks and other hazards without damaging your property or landscaping below or around the tree.
    Safety is our #1 goal!
    Our first priority is the safety of our crew and the homeowner and second is your house, fences, landscaping and the rest of your property.
  • STUMP GRINDING - Do you need to get rid of stumps without tearing up your property? If you have tried to dig one out yourself you know how difficult it is.This is why stump grinding is the answer.
    Stump grinding is the most cost effective way to remove stumps and minimize the amount of damage to your surrounding landscaping. When we are finished, there is no sign that equipment was ever on your property. Our modern stump grinding equipment is light, maneuverable, quick, and non-intrusive. We can leave the hole if you want to drop a new tree in where the previous tree was or we can rake the chips into a pile.
  • TREE CABLING - Cabling involves installing steel cables between major limbs to reduce the strain and help support the tree. This cabling helps reduce stress damage from high winds. If you are concerned about losing a tree that needs to be cabled, call us to evaluate it. Our Cabling/Bracing service can help your tree survive the many storms our area receives.
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